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    Encyclopedia of Aquaculture

    Encyclopedia of Aquaculture
    Назва: Encyclopedia of Aquaculture
    Видавництво: Wiley-Interscience; 1st edition
    Рік: 2000
    Формат: 1063 Pages | PDF
    Розмір: 17 mb

    A comprehensive, one-stop reference to the science, technology, and economics of aquaculture Technological advances, coupled with the mounting pressures of global food production, have dramatically changed aquaculture in recent decades. And while there has been an explosion of books and articles on its different facets, none of these provide a single comprehensive reference to this evolving and fascinating field. With an emphasis on current trends and sustainable practices, the Encyclopedia of Aquaculture presents complete A-to-Z coverage for a multitude of scientific, technical, and economic topics encompassed by the discipline. From abalone to zooplankton culture, over 150 timely and authoritative entries explore such areas as:
    * Primary species being cultured worldwide, as well as species under development
    * Echinoderms, molluscs, crustaceans, and finfishes
    * Aquaculture for food, research, bait, aquariums, and endangered species recovery
    * Management techniques for water and feed quality as well as disease control
    * Different aquaculture systems-from pond production to marine net-pens
    * Environmental issues and the economic feasibility of closed and offshore systems
    * Business plans, marketing, and sales
    Complete with photographs, illustrations, and graphs as well as references to the extensive literature, the Encyclopedia of Aquaculture is a handy, easily accessible resource for scientists and professionals in aquaculture as well as individuals wishing to expand their knowledge of the field.

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    | Категория - Учебные пособия | Views Просмотров: 2976

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